Our Story

Perfect Timing, Perfect Person

The way they met set the tone for how they both want to live their lives adventurously. They met while cliff diving with Natalie Trent at Summersville Lake in West Virginia in June of 2013.  Wes showered her with attention and Chasity showered him with indifference.  They were both in transitional stages in their lives in which both were unsure down which path they should head. Wes was prepared to rescue a damsel in distress, and Chasity was sure that the timing wasn’t right. Despite her insistence that they could only be friends, Wes was patient and persistent.
After a year of a long distance relationship, they finally realized that they were ready to be together, and Wes moved to Greensboro.  Almost three years after they met, Wes proposed to Chasity on stage while pursuing her passion of ballroom dance. If not for Natalie, they would not have met and would not be headed for marital bliss.
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Join us in May

May 6th, 2017, Ghent, West Virginia

Wedding Details

Perfect Timing, Perfect Person


We have a block of rooms reserved for the following locations.  Please reserve room by Thursday, May 4 in order to ensure a room.

Skyline Lodge, Pub, and Grill

127 Lakeview Drive, Ghent, WV



Alternative Lodging:

Hampton Inn

Glade Springs

The Wedding

Begins Promptly at 4:30PM

677 Farley Branch Rd
Coolridge, WV 25843

Wedding will be outside in the grass.  Ladies, please wear ballet flats or wedges.  No heels please.  We do not want to aerate the yard!

The wedding is in a private, gated community. There will be someone at the gate letting guests in. Once inside, guests will need to drive to the beach/tennis courts to park. From there they will be shuttled to the venue.


In lieu of a wedding registry we have a Go Fund Me page:

Join us in May

May 6th, 2017, Ghent, West Virginia